How to Measure Your Kitchen

Do you know how to measure your kitchen? Please use our measurement form and the steps below to ensure you have the proper measurements.

  1. Start at one point in the room and measure the wall length from one corner to the nearest door or window casing (the outside of the trim). Then measure the overall width of the window or door opening (including the door and window casings). Continue the procedure proceeding around the entire room until you return to the starting point.
  2. Measure the height of the ceiling. Note any interruptions or crucial details that may affect the design (beams, ducts, etc.)
  3. Complete our online cabinetry wish list. You may also use our contact form to send us any pictures, layouts, or ideas that may aid our designer in completing your plan. You can also use the link sharing feature through our contact form to send us an idea book from websites like Houzz or your board from Pinterest.
  4. Please email or mail this information to us. We will contact you shortly to discuss your design!

How to Measure Your Kitchen (PDF)